Sunday, June 26, 2011

Centrestage - The Good, The Band and the Ugly

Amazing series of covers by Centrestage Band from Port Elizabeth. 

'The Good , the Bad and The Ugly' by Hugo Montenegro come straight from childhood in Durban, South Africa. I clearly remember walking down to my sister's best high school friend to drop off a letter or homework and her brother putting on a 45 inch vinyl record and playing this for me. I was so jealous that I oid not have a copy.

This was with the Sahdows CD, amongst the first CD disc I ever purchased. I still find it amazng that after all these years I can experience, smell and remember those days based on a piece of music playing,  wonderful memories brought back by Centrestage.

This band and this music brough back part of my up-bringing ... I loved it.

I was not paid to produce these artful images, but produced them based on my love of the music.

They are however for sale if any fan would like to purchase them, either as digital or prints.

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