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B|Rimages© - Three page International magazine spread


The new edition of Nubian Bride has hit the shelves with all the aplomb of the premiere edition last year. This bridal glossy continues to celebrate African brides in all their diversity. Enjoy the in depth feature on the VhaVenda wedding traditions and a wonderful interview with music legends Caiphus and Letta whose wise words about making a marriage work are well worth reading. There are gorgeous gowns as well as wedding décor and perfect honeymoon destinations.  With fashion for him and her, a must-have countdown plan to D-day (aptly called the NB checklist) and expert planning advice from the professions,  Nubian Bride is any bride-to-be’s secret weapon

Pet photography

I had been doing pet photography as a hobby since 2000, never once considering that I could make a living at it. Dogs are 85 percent of what I do. Cats are about 15 percent. I also shoot any other pet people want me to. I will shoot an iguana if you want. I've done rats and horses, too.

Fine art images:
 It's basically graphic design work of pet photographs. I do everything in Photoshop. Then I send the work to my printer and he prints them on canvases that I can stretch. And then I provide them as stretch-canvas art pieces that people can hang on their wall. I started doing this work two years ago and I have 250 clients nationally. This is 50 percent of my work.

Q: Do you have a photography studio?
A: No studio. Eastern Cape provides me with my studio. I don't use any fancy  lighting as a rule. I just use my camera. I do shoots year-round, and I've only had to reschedule shoots four times because of the weather. And obviously kitties are shot indoors.
Q: What hours do you keep?
A: I have more energy at night as a result as working as a newspaper sub-editor for about 12 years, so I get my best work done between 5 pm and 1 am I have the luxury of not having to do photo shoots early in the morning. I generally start my shoots at 11 am, which is perfect for me.

 There is nothing a pet owner appreciates more –  than being told what a stunning, well behaved pet they have. Of interest parents of children and pets both love and appreciate their 'children' being valued.
Q: Pet photographer, how easy is it really? 
A: I suggest you get a lot of experience working with animals. It's the number one most important thing for a pet photographer. Of course loving animals in critical to any sort of success in this industry
Number two is get business knowledge. Eighty-five percent of this job is being a small-business owner. Fifteen percent is being a pet photographer and artist. People think, 'I'm going to photograph pets all day long.' It's just not like that.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Portrait retouching by B|Rimages©

Hi there

an odd repercussion of my going out and earning my income as a full time professional photography is how often I either asked to train others or fix, retouch photographs for clients, other professional photographers and brides of all people.

I have always had a strict policy of not working with other people's images.

I know and understand how I work, have invested heavily in equipment, software and hardware over the years and have come to realisation that as an income stream, retouching other peoples work is an acceptable form of work.

The image above was not, I repeat NOT shot by me but is very typical of what I am asked to retouch. In this case, make the hair lighter, too many freckles on the face (which of interest I loved because it added character), correct her wrist because it looks real but a tad odd. Whiten her teeth and eyes, make her eyes more green than blue and a couple of cosmetic alterations.

I sometimes am requested to add in background, change backgrounds all together and even take stains out of clothes. Currently I am stitching together a 6-image panorama taken with polaroids (faded) in about 1973, and clean up, recover as much colour as possible. Finally give the client large format print which is a 200% enlargement of the supplied faded and abused images. Deadline is two weeks.
Oh yes, to add to the fun, the images were stuck down with bostic superglue which did the polaroid emulsion no good at all, water damage is just another curved ball that has become what I do if I am not behind one of my cameras.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chloé, a young and beautiful spirit

Le Petit Provence – Basie and Monique Wedding images

 Le Petit Provence is the perfect place to begin your life together. With the enchanting spirit of Southern France, our tranquil setting offers Provençal architecture and lovely indoor and outdoor ceremony sites for spectacular sunset weddings - a truly romantic experience.
La Provence has plenty of parking for all of your guests. Valet parking available upon request.Description
Le Petit Provence brings a piece of Arles and Avignon, the playground of Vincent van Gogh, to Cintsa. Enjoy the village of Cintsa by walking to the village centre, country club, beach and many other local attractions.
Breakfast is served from early morning, lingering into lunch, and then drawn out to sunset, slowly transforming the day into pastel evening colours when dinner is served, joining pallet and visual senses in symphony.

The dining area invites the visitor to enjoy its warmth, where one can enjoy the view, served with a choice of excellent wines and other beverages, setting the scene for companionship. Le Petit Provence Guest House hosts six luxury private suites with spectacular sea views, each one stylishly decorated with a private balcony, an en-suite bathroom and modern facilities.

The guest house is designed in French Mediteranean style with a distinct rural Provence decorative interior. The rooms are spacious and attractively furnished with top quality finishes. 

DStv, self-catering facilities, safes and free Internet access is provided. The lounge and dining area hosts a 10-table restaurant, a fireplace and stunning views from the verandah where a 16-arch passage provides an ambiance of grandeur and luxury. The pristine beach and lagoon of Cintsa is within walking distance. A 25 km beach walk takes you to some of the most exotic scenes of the Wild Coast. 

Many hiking trails can be found in the area. Other activities include horse riding, 4x4 and quad bike trails, organized beach and ocean events, microlight flights and whale, dolphin and birdwatching

252 Garric Avenue, CintsaEastern Cape

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