Thursday, July 14, 2011

Conspiracy of Clowns


Director: Emilie Starke

Performers: Liezl de Kock and Rob Murray
Musical composition: Brydon Bolton and Shaun Acker
Lyrics, costume and set
design & Stage Manager: Jayne Batzofin

A cabaret clown noir spectacle, as not yet seen on

South African stages
Kardiāvale throws us into the story of Oskar – a desperate freak
show ringleader of a pokey, run-down carnival. The modern age
has no real need for the moth-eaten wonders and murky fascinations
that he provides. Oskar is in dire need of a break – a miraculous
attraction that will put him back in the limelight and re-establish
himself as he once was in his glory years. Enter the wandering Onni
– the abandoned orphan born with her heart outside her chest, the
side show freak looking for full time love. Within this unholy duet, the
stage is set for a mighty battle of manipulation and salvation.
It is a universal story of love and abuse underneath the guise of a
second rate carny sideshow act. Through the use of live music and
cruel clowning this tale unravels itself to show its bare threads.
Funny, spooky, macabre, but always deliciously (even devilishly)
entertaining, Kardiāvale is a cruel metaphor for how the openhearted
can be abused and mistreated. And the choices we make for
a want to be loved.




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