Friday, September 23, 2011

Portrait retouching by B|Rimages©

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an odd repercussion of my going out and earning my income as a full time professional photography is how often I either asked to train others or fix, retouch photographs for clients, other professional photographers and brides of all people.

I have always had a strict policy of not working with other people's images.

I know and understand how I work, have invested heavily in equipment, software and hardware over the years and have come to realisation that as an income stream, retouching other peoples work is an acceptable form of work.

The image above was not, I repeat NOT shot by me but is very typical of what I am asked to retouch. In this case, make the hair lighter, too many freckles on the face (which of interest I loved because it added character), correct her wrist because it looks real but a tad odd. Whiten her teeth and eyes, make her eyes more green than blue and a couple of cosmetic alterations.

I sometimes am requested to add in background, change backgrounds all together and even take stains out of clothes. Currently I am stitching together a 6-image panorama taken with polaroids (faded) in about 1973, and clean up, recover as much colour as possible. Finally give the client large format print which is a 200% enlargement of the supplied faded and abused images. Deadline is two weeks.
Oh yes, to add to the fun, the images were stuck down with bostic superglue which did the polaroid emulsion no good at all, water damage is just another curved ball that has become what I do if I am not behind one of my cameras.


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